My small business

My small business

A lot of people ask me if I live from my business… and the answer is no, unfortunately.

To be honest, on 2020 when the pandemic started, I sold a lot of my greeting cards from Etsy and I really thought that I could live from my art. But then the normal life started again and the online orders disappeared slowly…

So I got this part time job at this cute local store that I always like to visit. It was perfect, I found balance with the income ($$$) from the part time job and the few orders from my Etsy web site.   

But then the Etsy orders were less and less… so I worked more at the store.

At the end I was working 4 days at the store and I only had 1 day to work on my business, because I was trying yo have a “normal life” and not work on weekends.

Life started to be more expensive so even with this part time job and my small business, it wasn’t enough to live.

So I decided to quit and get a full time job.

For real now I’m trying to find balance, I have the financial stability, so after the job I work on my small business. 

I organise my stuff and I try to keep alive the passion of drawing and create stationery items.



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