Mes top 5

Mes top 5

My top 5


So today I’ll be sharing you my top 5 products that I love on my small business.

Number 5 

I’ll start with the note pads. I’m always taking notes or simply writing the stuff that I have on my head.

Number 4

Washi tape! Actually I never used that before, I used is so much now! When I’m painting with watercolor (to delimitated some areas) and of course I use this on my bullet journal.

Number 3

Greeting cards! I started with this product! I have to admit that my favorites are made with seed paper.

Number 2

Sakura flower paper clip! Perfect match with my agenda or the book that I’m reading at the moment.

Number 1

STICKERS! I’m so addicted to this! I put stickers everywhere, They makes me happy! And that’s the purpose of them! Put a smile on your face :)

And you? What’s your favorite product? 

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